Sales and Promotions

Sales and Promotions:  We are in constant search of finding new ways to help you engage better with customers. This helps bring visibility to your products and in turn, increases sales. From time-to-time, we roll out promotions to help increase the business for you. There are various kinds of promotions and you can read all about them below:

Participating in Promotions: Participating in any of the promotional campaigns is as simple as it gets. We can SEO of your products where user/customer search product easily on google and another search engine.

  1. We charge Rs 20 Per Product Per/Day Marketing fees in this campaign.
  2. Minimum 5 Product is compulsory for this campaign.

Benefits of Promotions:

  1. Increase crowded on Meskart Shopping Place.
  2. Your products get more visibility from footfall and attractive visibility.
  3. Increase the customer views and Increase Sale.
  4. All services are going on previous mode and same service charges.

How to boost your sales?

  1. To boost your sales, we strongly advise you to: Please consider product specification, brand, colour, photos.
  2. Very Most the specifics of the products – Selling Price (SP), Market Retail Price (MRP) and Discounts
  3. You can update your product within 3 days with proper details, inventory and price.
  4. You maintain product stocks and Packing Quality.
  5. You always remember to follow the packaging guidelines and deliver within SLA timing
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