Vedalex Chyawanprasham


A wonderful product made out of the treasures of Ayurveda.

Among the oldest Ayurvedic health supplements in India, the most well-known Ayurvedic product is Chyawanprash. It is prepared by mixing a variety of health-enhancing herbs. Nowadays there are many such Chyawanprash in the market which are prepared from potatoes or sweet potatoes instead of herbs. Such (fake) Chyawanprash is not good for health. Alex presents Chyawanprasham, a complete Ayurvedic Chyawanprash prepared with more than 45 herbs.

It is a healthy and nutritious diet which helps to protect us from diseases caused due to change in environment. It is the best source of anti-oxidants. This formulation is made by ayurvedic herbs, so it can consume throughout the year It rejuvenates body tissues. It provides strength and energy to the body. It gives strength to muscles & increases immunity. It strengthens the heart & improves digestion.