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Product description

1. Aloe Vera Juice (Fibrous)

Enriched with Amla-Tulsi-Ginger and Stevia

The Secret of Healthy and Disease Free-Life

Aloe Vera has more than 200 medicated ingredients, which have 20 required minerals, 8 required amino acids, 75 nutrients, 200 active enzymes, and minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Iron, Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese, 11-14 secondary amino acids, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. Most of these nutrients are not made by the body and cannot be retained in the body that is why it is important to get these nutrients regularly from other sources. Lignins and saponins are also available in Aloe-Vera that helps in detoxifying our body. Aloe Vera is worlds best antibiotic, antiseptic and the most effective antioxidant plant also known as a disease-resistant plant. The reason of most diseases is toxins in the intestines. Aloe-Vera cleanses the body waste from our intestines and regulates their functioning. The cell is the smallest unit of life and Aloe-Vera activates these small units of life by removing toxins from it, thus leading to disease free and healthy body. Its in removing toxins from the nerves and veins of the body which keeps the person energized and active.

Aloe Vera, Amla, Tulsi, Ginger and Stevia are useful for more than 220 health problems like

Weight management, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases.

Cough, cold, asthma, premature hair graying and hair fall, ulcers, liver dysfunction and pneumonia.

Aloe Vera reduces the side effects of alcohol and strengthens the liver.

Aloe Vera is a friend and boon for women. It is useful in controlling leucorrhea, regulating menstrual cycle and increasing the chances of pregnancy.

2. Pyari Saheli Syrup and Tablets

It helps in treating women problems like menstruation irregularities and leucorrhea. It gives relief from body weakness, anemia, fatigue, weak digestion, mood swings, lack of appetite, back pain, nervousness and uneasiness. It also revitalizes the skin and makes the body internally strong.

3. Aloe Cal-D Tablets

Rich source of Calcium and Vitamin-D

Calcium and Vitamin-D plays a pivotal role in the functioning and growth of our body. It helps in keeping the bones healthy and strong. It helps in maintaining blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Calcium is required to improve the nervous system, cardiac profile and develops muscles. If our body does not get an adequate amount of calcium, then it will result in weak bones leading to Osteoporosis.

It controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It helps in maintaining the density of bones and teeth.

It supports and builds the immune system, brain, and nervous system.

Regulates insulin level and aids in diabetes management.

Supports lung function and cardiovascular health.

Prevents teeth loss, bone loss and lowers the risk of fracture in older men and women

4. Shri Tulsi

Shri Tulsi is a rich formulation of Extracts of 5 Types of Tulsi – Shyam Tulsi, Vishnu Tulsi, Ram Tulsi, Nimbu Tulsi and Van Tulsi

In Indias ancient medicinal system, Basil is a herb that prevents various diseases and is incomparable. Tulsi is known as the Queen of Herbs and is rich in phyto-nutrients. Tulsi contains minerals like Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, potassium, iron, copper, manganese and magnesium. Tulsi leaves also acts as a tonic for the heart. Tulsi has endless miraculous and medicinal value it has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-allergic, anti-disease properties.

Tulsi is beneficial in more than 200 diseases like flu, swine flu, dengue, fever, cough, cold, joint pain, blood pressure, excess weight, sugar, allergy, hepatitis, urine disorders, gout, piles, pyorrhea,hemorrhage, swollen lungs, ulcer, stress, lack of semen, tiredness, loss of appetite, vomiting etc.

5. Bio-energy Healthy Heart Card

It is enriched with Anti-Radiation, Far Infrared Rays (F.I.R) and Negative Ions.

It is helpful in normalizing blood circulation, keeping the heart healthy and strong. It helps in relieving tension, tiredness and fatigue. It also helps in reducing pain in the feet and bad odor. It increases physical, mental and sexual strength, gives relief from a headache, bodyache, muscular pain and weakness. It is also helpful in strengthening and energizing the body.

Direction to use Pyari Saheli Kit


Take 30ml Aloe Vera juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 4 drops of Shri Tulsi mixed well in 500ml water. Drink sip by sip before brushing your teeth.


After breakfast consume 10 ml Pyari Saheli Syrup and along with it, consume 1 tablet each of Pyari Saheli and Aloe Cal-D.


Dinner menu should be as per lunch 1 or 2 chapattis with green leafy vegetables or can be replaced by oatmeal or porridge. After 1 hour of dinner, consume 10 ml Pyari Saheli Syrup and along with it consume 1 tablet each of Pyari Saheli and Aloe Cal-D 15 minutes later, consume 30ml Aloe Vera juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 2 drops of Shri Tulsi mix well in 500ml water. Drink sip by sip.

Directions to use BioEnergy Healthy Heart Card

How to use it

Keep it in your shirt or trouser pocket so that you are safe from the Electromagnetic radiations.

It helps you in getting rid of any kind of pain and heals the wounds quickly.

Keep the card under your pillow while sleeping in order to get sound sleep.

If the card is placed in the refrigerator, it keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh.

Helps in removing the harmful agents from tobacco, cigarette and alcohol if kept inside the cigarette box or below the alcohol bottle.

Helps in getting rid of bad odour in the cars, cupboards and rooms.

This card helps to keep the environment fresh and healthy.

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