IMC Herbal Bal Shakti Syrup (250 ml.)[1046]

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Herbal Bal Shakti Syrup (250 ml.)

  • Enhances intelligence
  • Provides instant and effective action
  • Boosts memory, retention and concentration
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Product description

Boon for Kids Best memory, growth and immunity Booster. Provides instant and effective action. Health benefits are: Enhances intelligence. Improves brain functioning. Boosts memory, retention and concentration. Accelerates weight gain. Improves digestive system. Dosage: 1 year and above 2-3ml(half tea spoon) 2 years and above 5ml ( 1 tea spoon) 6 years and above 10ml ( 2 tea spoons) 10 years and above 20ml ( 4 tea spoons) Or as directed by the physician.


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