IMC Herbal Aloe Vita (1 kg){8008}

300.00 225.00 BV 100

IMC Herbal Aloe Vita (1 kg)

  • Uses: It is enriched with vitamins (A, D3, K3) Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Herbs. Improves fertility. Corrects nervous system. Improves health, productivity and accelerates growth. Minerals mixture containing live yeast culture in post partum anoestrus. Helps to fulfill vitamins and minerals deficiencies.
  • Dosage: Poultry 1-2 kg per ton of feed. Cow and Buffalo 25-30gm per day. Calf, Sheep, Pig and Goat 15-20 gm per day. 100gm Herbal Aloe Vita per 10kg of fish feed or as recommended by veterinarian.
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