IMC Chana Masala (100 gm){2019}

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IMC Chana Masala (100 gm)

Nutritional-Tastier-Healthier All ingredients are in powder form It is too easy to cook Chana Masala. No ghee, oil, salt, tomato, onion, ginger to be added. Soak 1 kg chickpeas (white chana), 200 gm lentils (dal) with 10gm baking soda in double the quantity of water overnight. In the morning remove water, add fresh water in chickpeas & lentils and boil them until soft. Put 1 packet (100gm) of Chana Masala and mix well. If the water is more than grams, then cook on a low flame. Healthier, digestive, nutritive and tastier chickpeas are ready to serve.

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95.00 80.00 BV 20

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