IMC Aloe Spirulina (30 Tablets)[1004]

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IMC Aloe Spirulina (30 Tablets)


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• Take 1 tablet after breakfast and 1 tablet one hour before going to bed with milk or as directed by the physician

• It is a natural source of beta carotene (Pro-Vitamin A) that helps to increase eye vision and protects body cells from damage.

• Take 2 tablets of Aloe Spirulina regularly and get result within 2 to 3 weeks from diseases .

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: By using Aloe Spirulina you will find yourself more active, mentally strong and energetic within a day.


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Product description

Spirulina is considered as the “Super Food”. Spirulina is derived from a plant found in water. Spirulina is the nature’s richest and complete source of nutrition, extremely rich in protein, contains 18 out of 22 amino acids and iron, magnesium, copper, calcium, vitamin and many other nutrients which are essential for the body development. Spirulina is the best source when taken with proper diet. It is a natural anti-oxidant and beta-carotene, which is 130 times more than beta carotene present in carrots,strengthens immune system to fight against diseases.


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360.00 BV 105

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